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Picking out a place for a parent to spend the last of their days is a hard thing to do on many levels. Gratefully, my father had enough money that my job wasn't a matter of "Who can I find that can take him?", but "What is the best place I can find for him?" The Summerhill facility is beautifully designed and constructed; done by owners with pride not corporations with bottom lines that matter more than doing the right thing. As a business owner, I know that good places attract and keep good help. The caring staff gave me constant peace of mind that I had made the right choice. These women aren't just trained to do the right thing, they do the right thing because that's the kind of people they are. The day my father died several ladies came in on their day off to see him because the word went out that it would be his last day. Wow!

Compared to other facilities I visited, Summerhill was so much homier. To have all his familiar furnishings in his room was so important for a man struggling to remember much of his life. The hardworking staff got everyone
up and dressed for the day no matter how long it took. Being in the kitchen area with the other residents or watching birds out the windows gave a warm comfortable feel to his days rather than just being parked in front of a TV like other places.

The place you choose for a parent is about you as well as your Mom or Dad. You need to have the sense that your parent will be cared for so you can sleep well knowing you did your best for them. You are now the parent and responsible for their safety and well-being. I always had that feeling of pride that I did the best for him while my father was in the memory care unit.

With Gratitude,
Jeanne Larssen

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