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It's amazing to see the transformation in my Mom since you have been caring for her these past few months. My wife and I have seen my Mom smile more in her short stay with you than in the previous few years.

The move to Summerhill Assisted Living has worked out better than we ever could have imagined. For many years Mom had been very adamant that she would never "go into a home". Therefore, when it became obvious that she needed more care than we could provide, we could not help but feel guilty. However, now that we see how her life has improved, the guilt has been replaced with gratitude and relief. You helped her transition be much easier than we expected. The administrative staff made the move easier by being quite flexible with regards to the moving logistics.

We are impressed with both your facility and your staff. The circular design of the memory care hallway prevents my Mom from getting confused, and you have a nice blend of private and public areas. The staff is always friendly and respectful, and having full time nursing coverage is very reassuring. We still appreciate how your nursing director surreptitiously conducted the initial entrance assessment in the office of my Mom's doctor's so as to appear as just one more nurse and not cause my Mom any.agitation.

We've noted that meal time is greeted enthusiastically by all the residents. Whenever we ask my Mom what she had for a meal, the answer is usually, "I don't remember but I know it was good!"

The activities personnel do a superb job of providing fun, stimulating activities that keep my Mom occupied. She especially enjoys the musicians that you have come in and perform. The caretakers are very good at interacting with the residents and treating them like friends instead of patients. It's also appreciated that my Mom's "grand-dog" is always welcome. He enjoys the visits as much as the staff and residents!

We visited quite a few facilities before deciding upon Summerhill Assisted Living. Some of the others were also very nice. I remember thinking that best of the other facilities reminded me of a four star hotel while Summerhill Assisted Living was like a four star cozy country inn. Seldom is such an agonizing decision rewarded with such spectacular results. On behalf of my Mom and our family, we wish to deliver a very heartfelt thank you.

Steve Kilmen
Mont Vernon, New Hampshire

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