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I truly believe that there is goodness in everyone. There are obvious exceptions as we all know. But, for the most part, even if you sometimes have to look long, hard, and deep to find it, most of us have basic goodness within us. That was very obvious when on December 5, 2015, the inner Summerhill family, led by ownership, management and staff, including the incomparable Chef Aylmer, put on a gala holiday celebration to cherish and remember. The Theme was to believe. To witness and participate in it, confirmed our belief that good things happen for good people when a true effort is made to spiritually uplift the spirits of every one present. The evening gave us all a chance to make lasting memories and to share and appreciate the joy of the season. It flowed perfectly because everyone involved knew their part and did it well and with joy through the long wonderful evening.

I believe that this special event gave all of us a chance to meet new friends, renew old friendships and to just kick back and enjoy a special holiday moment. I believe that if you are very quiet, hold your breath and just listen, you will always hear the bell that rings to signal that something special is happening and we are all lucky to be a part of it. I urge everyone to join me as we continue to believe in the true spirit of the holidays. If you do so, I truly believe the bell will continue to ring for you and me and for all of us as we step on to the Polar Express in spirit to soak in the wonders and blessings of a holy and peaceful holiday season.

As I jump aboard, I say a sincere thank you to everyone who made the celebration possible.

~Bernie Hampsey

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