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Dear Mary Pat:

I, as well as the other members of my family, wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how impressed we are with the outstanding care that you are providing for Robert Whitney. The past few years have not been kind to Bob, as his increasing dementia coupled with aphasia left him in an often anxious and confused state with very little left in the way of language to help him relate. In spite of extensive care that was being provided for him at home, his overall condition had deteriorated enough that both the home care-givers and family members felt that it was time to find a new home for him: one that could provide a safer environment, that had the kind of specialized expertise to deal with dementia, and that hopefully could provide him the access to a community that he had lost and was so sorely missing. As you already know, Summerhill has provided all of these elements and more than we could have imagined possible.

Your guidance and assistance in helping us prepare for and execute Bob's move from his home to his new home at Summerhill was extremely helpful. Although the move was certainly difficult, we all left after his move-in feeling confident that his transition to life in his new community would go well. And, it did! We were all amazed to see how quickly he adjusted and clearly that he likes where he is now.

Bob has been with you for a little over six months now. We have all noticed during our visits how much calmer he has become, that he very clearly really likes all of those who provide daily care for him. It's especially gratifying for me to see that he has found a warm and caring community and that this has made such a significant difference to his mental health. You really are like a family at Summerhill.

During my latest visit to see Bob I also had the opportunity to observe how well all of the staff relate to Bob. Given the significant challenges that he has with aphasia, communicating with Bob takes effort. I was amazed at how well everyone—and I do mean everyone-care givers, administrative staff, maintenance staff—made the effort to really lock in and listen. And I could see that he really appreciates the effort.

All of us in the Whitney family are so appreciative that Bob is in absolutely the right place as he approaches the sunset of his life. We know that Bob could not possibly be receiving better care anywhere else—and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your collective efforts and expertise.

With Gratitude,
James Whitney

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