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Our resident started baking for the Alzheimer's Association fundraiser in June using fresh strawberries and rhubarb making delicious pies. Many of these were sold to the family of our residents, visitors and staff even before they came out of the oven!

Soon the residents went blueberry picking and tasty blueberry pies were made while the orders kept coming in for more pies. Before you know it, we had apple donations from many to keep the Summerhill Bakers busy working together in pealing, cutting and mixing the filling for tasty fall apple pies. Jean and one of our residents managed to keep up making the best homemade crusts – as many customers exclaimed!

180 pies were baked so far this year. We continue making apple and pumpkin pies until just before Thanksgiving. So, if you want a delicious pie for the holidays let us know. Many thanks to all who support the Alzheimer’s Association!


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