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Ponys visit Summerhill Assisted Living in Peterborough NHOn June 6th Summerhill had some very adorable four legged friends visit with us. Cover Girl (complete with hat and sneakers!!!) and Ginger graced us with their presence. And, presence they had! They roamed the halls and living areas of Summerhill greeting all our residents, families and staff. They nibbled carrots, shared kisses and even a little pony ride or two. We all hope they will be regular visitors. They call home a therapeutic riding facility in Hopkinton N.H. Cover Girl and Ginger's owner, Pauline has offered our residents the opportunity to get back in the saddle and ride once again. Our Activities department is in the process of putting this together for our residents who would like to pursue this.

I am thinking some more very special photos will be following these. Stay tuned!

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