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January 2018

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This morning we had a wonderful time making a very classic treat: Crepes! Aylmer recently purchased an electric crepe maker and made some sweet and savory crepes. This crepe maker was right out of the box, brand new and ready to use, so Jean Palmer asked if we were going to be the Guinee pigs! Of course, she was happy to do so.

We discussed the history of crepes and the different varieties of crepes that one could expect to find in a crepery. Aylmer made a crepe sandwich with lettuce and Ham & Cheese, as well as making strawberry crepes with balsamic and fresh whipped cream. Delicious!

All had a good time as we also discussed the upcoming Winter Wonderland that Summerhill is planning to have in February.

~Aylmer H. Given III
Director of Culinary Services

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