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August 2017

Chef Chat - Cornucopia ProjectSummerhill has had a great connection to the Cornucopia project over the last few years. Founder Kin Schilling has been a previous guest to the Summerhill Chef Chats.

At this month’s Chef Chat, Hannah Bissex, from the Cornucopia Projects visited. Aylmer introduced her to Summerhill along with an entourage of Farm to Fork fellows who are also ConVal students.

Hannah gave a brief description of the Farm to Fork program, for those who may not be familiar with it. She then explained how important it is to teach our younger generation to become involved in the process of where food comes from and how it gets to the table. This offers so many life lessons along the way for today’s youth. Each of the fellows had a chance to talk about what the project means to them.

The group brought in a variety of beautiful fresh produce that they had just harvested for Summerhill. Each of the items was talked about by the team person who had a part in growing it. They also brought some fresh carrots for the residents to try. It was a wonderful event that I imagine our residents will talk about for a sometime.
Thank you, Hannah, and our friends at Cornucopia.

~Aylmer H. Given III

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