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January 2017

Dear Residents and Respective Families,

Over the summer months as many of you know, we shared chilling and grilling each Thursday evening out on the front lawn. Well this year was very exciting as we upped our game from previous years, with outdoor entertainment by Jarvis along with Chef inspired menus and cooking demonstrations. It seemed that everyone was enjoying it so much and didn't want these special evenings to end.

They were fun for the staff and residents alike. When cold weather hit, Chilling and Grilling was over for the season. Jean Kundert and I put our heads together and came up with a great idea. Thus, the creation of Wine ‘N Dine came about. It’s very much a celebration like Chilling & Grilling but inside for the winter months. We rolled out our plan to the residents with much fanfare.

To give a little history, a few months earlier I was asked by Mary Pat to give a talk to the residents and families at the Memory Café. Many of you know this takes place the first Thursday of each month in our Pub. I chose to talk about the importance of food in the lives of our families and how it ties to our memories. All our senses are engaged when we are sharing a meal together. Without getting to much into the details of this phenomena, those memories can be recalled very quickly when even just 1 of those senses is stimulated. The talk was a hit with the residents.

As a take-away from that talk, we decided to expand the food memory theme to collect a recipe from a resident each week which I then prepare for the Assisted Living community to enjoy. We take opportunity to try to get the whole story behind the importance of this family recipe. I know from personal experience in my own family that there are many stories that need to be told about family traditions and as many of who know me, I love to tell stories.

We have had a lot of Wine ‘N Dine dinners since late October. But now we need your help. We've run out of recipes, well not exactly, but we want to see if families can get in the game as well. If you have a family recipe, (and every family does), we want to hear about it. Please feel free to pass on this letter and pdf Wine N Dine Recipe Submission Form to other family members, so they may share recipes.

Here is our plan. You submit a recipe, on the pdf form attached , complete with the story and some background. If we select your recipe, you will be invited to join us on the night that I prepare it. Jean and I will tell the story (probably with some exaggeration) and you and your family member will get your picture taken that night holding your special plated dish. The best part is that these recipes will be compiled into a fun filled Summerhill Cookbook, at a later date.

So please don't hesitate to send in recipes! We are looking to fill these cold winter nights with warm stories and good memories. If you’d like, feel free to call me or catch me in the hall when next here.

Thanks so much!

Aylmer H. Given, III
Director of Culinary Services

Download the pdf  Wine N Dine Recipe Submission Form (57.89 kB) here.

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