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Les HerbesThis Is a famous French Canadian preparation. In the old country around about harvest time, when all the herbs were being gathered, they would make this dish. In order to have fresh herbs available throughout the winter months. So our chef Aylmer , who has French Canadian roots prepared this dish for the residents of Summerhill during our October chef chat event. It was Aylmers intention, To share one of his mothers favorite preparations. Les Herbes Sallee, is made by layering A mixture of finally chopped fresh herbs, fine diced onions and kosher salt in glass mason jar' one begins by placing salt in the bottom of the glass jar and then it receives a half inch layer of a mixture of fresh herbs followed by a layer of fine diced onion followed by a layer of a quarter inch of kosher salt followed by a layer of fresh herbs followed by a layer of fine dice onion, followed by a layer of kosher salt until the jar is full. The jar is then captain refrigeration until ready for use. It is a wonderful addition to soups, or eggs or sautéed vegetables, or anywhere else that you would like to introduce fresh herbs to your recipe.

Les Herbes SalleeLes Herbes

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