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Summerhill Assisted Living in Peterborough NH

In all levels of care, the experienced staff at Summerhill Assisted Living is dedicated to providing comfortable and secure assisted living options to seniors and their families. Our quality elder care includes three meals a day, laundry and housekeeping services, as well as transportation and social, recreational, and wellness programs.

Summerhill Assisted Living not only provides assurance for the resident, but for the family members as well. Offering the highest quality of assisted living services in New Hampshire, Summerhill's gracious living accommodations offer a supportive environment for individuals with dementia, Alzheimer's, and other residents who need the comfort and reassurance of having someone nearby. Receiving a wide range of services, residents can still enjoy the independence and privacy they deserve.

For those individuals who need help with the task of daily living, our 24-hour professional assisted living staff provides our residents with caring and personalized assisted living services to assist with medications, meals, and daily needs such as dressing, bathing, and grooming.

Summerhill Assisted Living, conveniently located in the picturesque community of Peterborough, New Hampshire, can provide assisted living services and accommodations on a short-term basis for seniors requiring temporary care. The reasons people use respite services are for families that have an elderly family member living with them and the family needs a rest or is going on vacation, or when an elderly person has been recently hospitalized and needs a period of recovery/rehabilitation before returning home.

We encourage our residents to feel right at home and enjoy all the services, amenities and comforts of our Community.

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