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Rachael Austin has been with Summerhill as Activities Director since September 2019. She has a background in Eldercare activities and brings to the table a great enthusiasm for fitness, crafting, music, writing, cooking, gaming and engaging conversation. Rachael originally hails from Helena, Montana where she was raised running a small diner with her family. In Montana she learned classical piano and developed a love for her horse when not in school or helping with the diner. She continued commercial cooking after moving to Oregon where she opted instead to drive class A trucks across the country. Eventually Rachael crossed the US one final time to pursue a career in photography in Boston. Raising a family of two boys with her husband, Mike, it made photography less workable so she returned to cooking and teaching music at the Well School in Peterborough. Leaving the Well School behind, she has finally landed here at Summerhill to share her stories and talents with the residents. 

Rachael loves to play music, be involved in theater, play soccer, cook and write plays in her spare time. She spends most of her spare time raising her sons Kyle and Eli with her husband Mike. She’s thrilled to be at Summerhill and greatly looks forward to inspiring activities made great with laughter, song and friendship.

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