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As a native of California, I lived and traveled throughout the state for 45 years. I was born in San Francisco, lived most of my childhood in Yuba City, went to college in San Diego, and then moved back to my hometown where I met my husband, John. He was just starting his career for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation when we married and relocated to Crescent City in the northernmost section of the state. We spent 21 years in the majestic, coastal town surrounded by redwood trees, state parks, and the rocky coastal shoreline. I spent most of my time as a housewife and worked part-time throughout the years in the local school system’s music department as a piano accompanist for the high school, the community theatre, and the elementary school-aged community choir. Unable to have children born to us, we spent several years tending to and caring for foster children while they were in transition to reunification with their birth families or on a path to adoption. Then we turned to working with the local shelter and rescue animals for the remaining years we lived in California. As my husband’s retirement grew closer, we decided we would like to relocate and spend the rest of our lives in a quieter, less complicated part of the country and we found it in New Hampshire!

We have a home in Marlborough, NH, on 1.75 acres of wooded land in a small neighborhood of helpful, considerate, and friendly folks. We share our home with a pack of cats and two dogs, all of whom get along nicely, enjoying the acreage and kind neighbors.

Upon moving here in September of 2019, John and I made the agreement that he would be a retired househusband (his words, not mine!) and I would find work to suit my skill set, personality, and needs. As timing would have it, a part-time activities position at Summerhill Assisted Living and Memory Care became available while I was putting together my resume and seeking out places of employment. Upon walking in the door, I was greeted by Perry Given, given an application, contacted by Rachael Austin within a week, and ever since then, I have been “home!”

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